Whether you have event specific or other business needs, use our “ConnX Partner Support Services”. Our complete solutions programs enable you and your organization to be involved from start to finish, allowing ConnX to make your experience worry free.

Whether you need pre-event, onsite, or post-event registration services, ConnX Event Solutions can help. Using our proprietary “ConnXReg Tracking System” we can take your event data and connect you with your customers, prospects, and attendees within 24 hours.

ConnX understands the power that events play in any organization's business strategy, and we understand how to maximize that vision from conception to conclusion.

Whether you use events as a marketing tool, training event, social or organizational gathering, or association function, “ConnX Turn-Key Solutions” can make the process smooth and seamless. You give us the vision, and we make it your experience.


Do you need logistics support to get your event supplies from point A to point B? Let our “ConnXLogic” team take care of that too. We can help move and store your organization's freight.