What separates ConnX Event Solutions from other organizations is our years of experience that define the way we do business. We want to help make your vision  as clear as possible and your experience as a partner to be seamless. 

The ConnX ideal is simple. We don’t want to sell you a service or product and move on to the next client, we want to become a member of your organizations team and work with you now and in the future.

One way we accomplish this is by having a ConnX Partner Concierge who will guide every partner through the entire ConnX experience from start to finish.

ConnX Event Solutions works on the principle of “Collaborative Partnerships” .This ideal helps to enhance, create, manage, and execute the entire ConnX Partner Experience during each project.

The “ConnX Turn-key Partner Solution”,  the “ConnXReg Solution”, and the “ConnXLogic Solution” all conform to our “Go the Extra Mile” philosophy, which drives us to create the ultimate partner experience that goes above and beyond expectations.

As we say here at ConnX Event Solutions, “Relationships Make Business and Business Makes Relationships." 

At ConnX Event Solutions, we "Connect People in Business.”